DALLAS -- It’s one of the easiest ways to shop. At the click of a button, you can have your package on your door step the next day.

“Online ordering is convenient but is it,” said Dallas resident Tyler Brown.

It’s becoming increasingly inconvenient because of package thieves. Year round, Dallas police are seeing groups of thieves hitting across the city.

"Apparently it’s a year round thing, not just at Christmas time," he said.

Tyler Brown says a woman stole several packages off his doorstep this week in the M Streets, where there have been multiple thefts recently.

One of the packages was a special pair of shoes he bought his girlfriend for a trip this weekend.

“The one time I order something sentimental that we are excited about, and it gets stolen. Now what I am supposed to do?” Brown said.

He says he was hesitant to call the Dallas police because they are short-staffed.

”I don’t want to call 911 because I don’t want to waste Dallas police time because I know they are short-staffed and they have better things to do than look for my hundred dollar pair of shoes," he said.

But Dallas police say they take this seriously. Police say most of the package thieves are habitual criminals.

They’ve arrested many of them dozens of times, and they say most have committed on average more than a thousand thefts.

It can be frustrating because most thieves only spend a few days in jail, but Dallas police say they have to keep cracking down to give residents like Tyler Brown a sense of security.