DALLAS -- One suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting Wednesday morning.

According to Dallas police, at 9:39 a.m. a plainclothes officer was investigating a carjacking that had occurred the night before. The officer spotted the vehicle that had been stolen in the carjacking in the 3500 block of Virginia Boulevard.

Dustin McDonald was across the street when he saw the suspect.

”Basically, the guy just pulls out of his driveway. He almost hits my truck, and so I started honking my horn, and his family started running out," he told News 8. "But he peels off and the cops basically cornered him.”

Police say the driver of the stolen vehicle got out armed with a handgun and approached the officer. The officer took out his own weapon and fired on the suspect.

The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Anthony Garcia, died at the scene.

Anthony Garcia

Police say the suspect did have a handgun. News 8 has obtained a picture of that weapon on the ground.

Sources tell News 8 the weapon is actually a BB gun but looks very real. DPD would not provide further details about this shooting or whether the suspect pointed the weapon at the officer.

The officer was not injured. The officer has been placed on routine administrative leave. The case will eventually go to a grand jury for review, which is also standard in police-involved shootings.

HD Chopper 8 showed heavy police presence in this residential area.

An ambulance was seen driving away from the scene.

Police initially thought there may be a second suspect that ran into a nearby residence and SWAT was called to the scene. Officers set off concussion grenades and shouted verbal commands, but eventually determined there was only one suspect at the scene.

Distraught family members at the scene demanded answers from DPD.

"They tore up my mother’s home," said Garcia's uncle, Jimmy Moreno. "Why did they have to ram it like that? They just destroyed it.”

Garcia had a criminal history including burglary and theft.

Sources say the gang unit is also involved in this investigation.

News 8's Rebecca Lopez was on scene. You can follow along below:

<p>What appears to be a weapon in the street in the 3500 block of Virginia Boulevard.</p>