Dallas police are investigating an assault and robbery of a man in Oak Lawn in an area that has now seen three violent attacks in the last six weeks.

Duvall Savage, 43, told WFAA he was walking to his car after leaving Kroger in the 4100 of Cedar Springs just after 6 p.m.

"I heard someone say f*g, but didn't assume they were talking about me," Savage said. "Then they said 'give me the money.' I only carry cards, I don't carry cash, so I didn't have any money to give them, so I just gave them my bags."

Savage said he hoped handing over his groceries would be sufficient to end the threat. Instead, he says one of the three male suspects then started swinging a 2x4 board.

Savage was struck in the leg, shattering his knee.

"All I could do was cover my head because I thought he was going to hit me there next," Savage says.

Duvall Savage, 43, was attacked Sunday evening December 10, 2017 after leaving Kroger on Cedar Springs.  His attack marks the third assault in and around the store since late October.

The attack caught the attention of Take Back Oak Lawn, a neighborhood group formed in Dallas' largest LGBT neighborhood after a series of unsolved attacks in late 2015 and early 2016.

Lee Daugherty owns Alexandre's on Cedar Springs and says the area in the 4100 block is densely populated and may be a focus for criminals because of the number of targets.

“To once again have these crimes happen on Cedar Springs is very alarming to the community,” Daugherty said. “This is very reminiscent of the crimes that happened two years ago.”

The neighborhood group Take Back Oak Lawn said the attack marked the fourth in the area since June.

A 55-year old man was attacked in the Kroger parking lot early on Oct. 29, just three days after a security guard working inside the store was struck in the head with a metal pipe by an unknown attacker.

Savage who drives for a living says he now faces knee surgery later this week with uncertainty surrounding medical expenses, his ability to maintain his livelihood, and his sense of security.

"I don't feel safe now," Savage admits. "And I should feel safe."

Dallas police has also asked for public assistance in an attack on Dec. 3, 2017 when a man was robbed and assaulted outside The Tin Room by three suspects.