FORT WORTH -- Nolan Catholic junior Clay Grogan had just started to dream when he woke up to his nightmare.

"It sucked. Plain and simple, it sucked," he said.

At one time, Clay had a vision that he would be the starting point guard and lead his team to the state championship. But last summer he was diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic deficiency in which his immune system is attacking itself.

Clay Grogan

For a while, Clay didn't understand why this would happen to him. Until the answer appeared from a totally different world: theater.

Aaron Bryant is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

“I was kinda unpopular," Bryant said. "Not a lot of people knew me. But Clay, he was the popular guy. Everybody knew Clay.”

Aaron and Clay's worlds first collided in eighth grade when they were both running for president of the middle school honor society. Aaron had just given a remarkable campaign speech when Clay decided he wasn't going to give his. Instead he told everyone he was voting for Aaron and that they should too.

“That gave me a boost of confidence I never had. And that encouraged me to become who I am today," Bryant said.

Aaron Bryant

For the past three years all Aaron wanted to say was thank you.

So when he got a part in the school's production of Godspell, Aaron convinced the department to let some of the ticket sale money go to help Clay.

“If it was as humble as $100, that would’ve been totally fine, but we raised over $7,000," Aaron said.

"It showed me that I have a good support system as I go through this tough time in my life," Clay said.

That's a friendship worth every vote.