A mom accused of lying about her son's health is expected to be in court Wednesday for a custody hearing.

Kaylene Bowen-Wright's son, Christopher, had 13 surgeries and more than 300 hospital visits by the time he was eight years old.

Police say there was actually nothing wrong with him and the situation was deemed Munchausen syndrome by proxy -- a mental disorder in which a caregiver makes up an illness or injury in order to get medical care and attention.

Christopher Bowen

Police and Child Protective Services say Bowen-Wright lied to them to get medical attention for Christopher, even though he didn't need it.

Last week a judge reduced Bowen-Wright's $150,000 bond to $25,000. Her lawyer argued that she lacked criminal history and would need to be out of jail since the case would involve "an inordinate amount of medical records."

The judge ordered her to not have any contact with children, including Christopher and her two other kids.

A child abuse investigator testified that records indicate the abuse started when Christopher was just 11 days old. During his life, Christopher had three life-threatening blood infections caused by unnecessary medical procedures.

Bowen-Wright brought Christopher to Children's Medical Center in Dallas on Nov. 9 saying he had suffered a seizure. That's when doctors caught on and called CPS.

Her mother is now fighting for custody of the children, as well as Christopher's father, who says he knew nothing about the abuse.

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