A McKinney orthopedic surgeon was arrested Friday on two counts of sexual assault.

According to warrants for his arrest, two patients reported they were sexually assaulted by Dr. Donald Okechukwu Ozumba, of Allen, during visits at his office with OSSM Orthopedics.

The first incident was reported on Aug. 12, 2016, two days after the victim said she had an appointment with Ozumba. According to the report, the woman told authorities the doctor touched her inappropriately and rubbed her genitals for several minutes. The woman said when Ozumba left the room in the midst of her appointment, she made an excuse to a nurse and left fearing he would return and assault her again.

Arrest warrants revealed another patient came forward about a similar assault on March 28, 2017. According to the affidavit, the woman told investigators the doctor assaulted her after giving her an injection for a sports injury. She said Ozumba claimed he needed to rub in the injection and penetrated her several times with his finger. The woman told authorities her husband was in the room with her but couldn't visibly see the doctor's actions. A short time later, she says she received texts from Ozumba, where he asked her what her favorite part of the procedure was.

After leaving the appointment, the patient contacted another doctor to see if Okechukwu's actions were appropriate for the treatment she underwent. She told investigators the doctor told her they were "absolutely not." 

Representatives for Dr. Ozumba shared a statement with News 8 on behalf of the Ozumba family reading "We flatly deny each and every false allegation and are confident that the legal system will vindicate Dr. Ozumba. We appreciate the support from our local and global community."  

McKinney police have asked patients who may have also been assaulted by Okechukwu to contact Det. Grounds at 972-547-2727 or jgrounds@mckinneytexas.org.