One woman was raped in a closet as an attacker held a weapon to her eight-month-old child. A pregnant woman was zip-tied and raped in a bedroom. A third woman was sexually assaulted with her two children in the other room.

Sean Padilla, the Dallas man, is the man accused in those rapes. Padilla was arrested last month. He has confessed to four Dallas rapes and one in Garland since April.

He now faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault, one count of aggravated assault of a child and one count of burglary. His bond is $500,000.

On April 20, a victim told police that a man came into her apartment, displayed a weapon and robbed her. He then bound the woman’s hands with zip ties and pushed her to her bed. The woman says she told him she was pregnant and he told her that he did not care.

She says she struggled with him trying to take the weapon away. The victim says she quit struggling because she feared for her unborn child. She says he then raped her and made her shower.

Crime scene technicians would later identify his fingerprints in the woman’s home, court records say.

The second rape occurred May 2 in the 7000 block of Holly Hill Drive. The third rape occurred May 30 on Jupiter Road in Garland. Details on those two rapes were not readily available.

On June 26, a woman told police she was inside her apartment with her two children. When she opened her door to grab a broom, he was standing outside her door, put a weapon to her side and pushed her inside the apartment.

He told her he was there to rape and rob her. When her two children came out of their bedroom, she told them to go back to their room.

He then took her to her bedroom, closed the door, made her undress and raped her. She told him that the maintenance man would be coming soon to do some work. The victim said he then got off her and began ransacking her apartment.

Her two children again came out of their bedrooms. He told the children to take off their clothes because he wanted to look at them. He then forced the woman and her children to get in the shower, saying he wanted to wash away all the evidence.

He told her to stay in the bathroom to give him time to leave. Once she thought he was gone, she came out and saw him loading her property into a black four-door vehicle with a Dallas Cowboys sticker.

Crime scene technicians would later identify his fingerprints in the apartment, court records say.

Police issued a public alert and a sketch after a July 18 rape in the 2900 block of Kendale Drive.

A woman was holding her eight-month-old child as she walked to the front door. She opened the front door and put the car seat with her child still in the seat inside the apartment. As she turned to close the door, she saw a man standing in the doorway, holding a weapon.

He took her and her baby into a bedroom closet and raped her. Before he left, he took some of her property. Police later found Padilla’s fingerprints in the home, according to the arrest warrant.