DALLAS -- A man was arrested last week on a federal criminal complaint stemming from the assault of a U.S. Postal Carrier.

According to the affidavit filed with the complaint, Korey Larkin, 26, approached a USPS letter carrier on Al Patterson Drive and inquired about a package on June 3. Larkin presented his cell phone to show tracking information regarding the package, which indicated the package had been delivered the day before and said he never received the parcel.

The carrier explained that Express Mail packages are delivered by a supervisor, not him. However, the carrier offered to help if the delivery was taken back to the Post Office.

At the time, Larkin did not know the addressee name on the package and only knew the address. He later sent the carrier a text message with the name "Capote."

The carrier told Larking he couldn't find the package at the Post Office, but if the supervisor still had it, they would attempt to drop it off the next day.

According to the federal complaint, the carrier was delivering mail the following day in the 7300 block of Harold Walker Drive. He walked up to a driveway and saw a car running with children inside.

He walked up to the front door, which was hanging open. He said he dropped the mail for the residence in the box, slammed the door so the residents realized it was open, then began to walk away.

The carrier said he had just begun to walk away when Larkin emerged from the home. Larkin asked the carrier where his package was.

The carrier responded that his supervisor had delivered the package and was waiting on a call from Larkin to confirm it was received.

Larkin got nose-to-nose with the carrier and called him a liar, saying he took the package.

According to the complaint, Larkin then displayed a handgun to the letter carrier and told him he'd better have the package on his route on Monday "or else." He said "the cartel was going to want their package."

Larkin put away the gun and poked the carrier in the cheek, the complaint said. When the carrier swiped Larkin's hand away. Larkin punched him in the face and walked away.

The letter carrier reported the alleged assault to superiors and later identified Larkin in a photo lineup, the complaint said.

Larkin was arrested last week and charged with the assault of a U.S. postal carrier. The government has 30 days to present the case before a grand jury for indictment. Penalties for assaulting a U.S. postal carrier can range up to 25 years in federal prison and a $250,000 crime.