It’s not uncommon to see fake designer clothes online but local designers say they too are getting their designs ripped off their websites and fake dresses sold under their names.

Kenya Mills says she knew something was wrong when she began getting calls from clients.

She has poured her heart and soul into her business.

“We work very hard for my brand to be able to give out clients beautiful pieces,” said Mills.

That’s why she’s angry that someone ripped pictures of her designs off her website and posted them on their website and then sold fake dresses.

“Basically I was just robbed,” said Mills.

Mills and her business partner James Thomas says a website called LinkShe posted several of what looked like authentic designs but this is what customers received.

“This looks like trash just garbled up trash, “ said Thomas as he showed WFAA pictures of the fake dresses.

Customers began complaining to them when the dresses they got in the mail were cheaply made.

“This is not even close to what our piece is,” said Thomas.

They tried to contact LinkShe only to find the website is based out of China and impossible to reach.

"You can’t contact them. You can’t call them, they don’t have a telephone number so everything you have to do is via email,” said Thomas.

Thomas says he sent them an email demanding they remove the pictures and they did. Only to post new ones of different designs.

”It’s like Wakamo. You know one down and it pops up again,” said Thomas.

Fake designer dresses are nothing new, big designers have to constantly fight that battle but Mills and many other local designers say they are now the targets.

”It’s hurtful to see my design done like that,” said Mills.

Mills says her dresses sell for hundreds of dollars because they are custom made. The dresses on the fake site sell for less than 50 dollars.

”You are basically going to pay for what you get at this point plain and simple,” said Mills.

There are multiple websites like this that are ripping people off and consumers have no idea who now has their credit card information.

WFAA also tried to send LinkShe emails because we too could not find a number for customer service. Their website said their customer service was down.

Mills says she understands everyone wants a good bargain but says buyer beware.