There's a lot we still don't know about the strangulation death of 22-year-old Molly Matheson, but the details we do know are enough to have some people concerned.

"I was thinking, I am in the exact same situation; this could’ve happened to me," said 25-year-old Emma Moseley. "I could’ve rented from that person. I could’ve been in that house."

Moseley didn't know Matheson, but the two shared plenty in common.They're both young women, living alone in Fort Worth garage apartments. It was in Matheson's apartment, right near the TCU campus, that police say she was murdered nearly two weeks ago. Her own mother discovered her body in the apartment bathroom. Police say there were no signs of forced entry and, as far as we know, no suspects in custody.

The case was a wakeup call for Moseley.

"This is the alarm we set up," she said as showed us a brand-new home alarm on her front door.

"This is the door stop," she said as pointed out a piece of equipment she wedged onto her door handle. "It keeps the door from opening this way."

In the days after the murder, she immediately found new ways to protect herself.

"Wasp spray is great because you don’t have to be as close of a range as mace and it works just as well," she said.

"And then, I have a gun," she added.

She said all of those protective devices are because of the Matheson case.

Fort Worth police say they're still unable to comment on whether the crime was random. That's the question people have continued to ask. Regardless, police urge people to remain aware of their surroundings.

For its part, TCU has hired off-duty Fort Worth officers to patrol the neighborhoods in and around campus in the meantime. Matheson lived a block or two away from the campus, but didn't go to school there.

Moseley said whether Matheson knew her attacker doesn't change the fact that young women need to have a plan. She also pointed out that many people in the area near TCU may still leave their doors unlocked.

"You have to always be prepared and that’s something I really learned from this story," Moseley saids. "It was such a relatable situation."