A man acting erratically during a traffic stop in Arlington right before the holiday season began in late November, had enough cough syrup in his vehicle to run a mini-pharmacy.

Arlington Police spokesman Steven Barlotta said in an email statement that 25-year-old Jalen Fitzgerald Warren, of Dallas, had been riding around with enough promethazine, which is used to make prescription strength cough syrup, to create thousands of bottles.

"This bust had enough promethazine to make 4,730 bottles of cough syrup," said Barlotta.

The cough syrup, which contains promethazine and codeine, is more commonly known as, 'Purple Drank.' It's a mixture of a prescription cold medication along with a soda drink such as Sprite, Fanta or Mountain Dew, with ice. Users will usually add a candy such as Jolly Ranchers, Starburst or Skittles for for color and taste.

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