GARLAND -- A full basketball court on a fall day in October is what you're supposed to see.

"Usually it's just people that hang out at the park, just chill here, it's like the chill spot," said Yesica Vega a park regular.
Last night their court was a backdrop for a deadly shooting.

"Someone pulled out a gun and started shooting at the crowd," said Lt. Pedro Barineau of the Garland Police Department.

According to Police a group of young people got into a fight and that fight ended with gunfire.
A fifteen year old boy identified by the Medical Examiner as Miguel Esquivel was shot in the head and eventually died inside a Dallas hospital.

That was Friday evening -- In the early hours of Thursday another family is devastated.

"The only thing that I think is why," said Alexia Guerrero the Step sister of Jocelyn Sarabia-Marlon.

Garland Police say around one thirty Thursday morning two men approached Marlon in the front yard of this home on East Linda Drive where they then shot Marlon leaving her for dead. Marlon was 20 years old.

"What did she ever do to you -- for her to end that way," Guerrero said.

A neighbors surveillance camera caught this footage and neighbors are on the look out for the men in the video.

"I was scared, we don't know who these guys are at all -- what if they come back," said Reginna Brown a neighbor.

Police don't have a witness to question about Marlon's but do have video of the suspects -- as for the basketball court -- they hope someone in the crowd who saw the shooting will come forward.

"It's not common at all this is not a situation that happens on a regular basis especially in Garland," Barineau said.