FORT WORTH -- Police detectives spent Monday going door to door, informing neighbors about an alleged sexual assault and aggravated assault that occurred over the weekend.

They're trying to determine if Moya Alas, 36, the man accused of taking a 6-year-old girl from her home early Saturday morning, had any prior relationship with the girls' family.

Brianda Gomez and her family were part of the desperate search to find a missing girl. Police credit vigilant neighbors with her safe return.

"Of course we're scared. Scared of leaving our kids alone,” Gomez said in Spanish. “What if someone takes them?”

Gomez’s daughter, also named Brianda, described the moment they realized the missing girl was found safe.

"I ran inside told my mom, I was like 'Mom, they finally found her,’” she told us. “We ran outside and we were crying and saying, ‘Thank you God for helping.’”

Fort Worth police say the girl’s father realized his daughter was missing around 4 a.m. and that a search by police family and neighbors started shortly after.

A neighbor heard screams from a nearby park, where police found the girl and soon after arrested Alas.

"Is it a family member, is it a family friend, is it a neighbor, or is it a random act? That's what we need to get down to," said Fort Worth Police Officer Jimmy Pollozani.

Alas is charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault. Police are wondering if there are more victims — if you have any further information, contact the Fort Worth Police Department.

Moya Alas also faces an additional immigration hold because he is in the United States illegally. The INS hold does not allow him to post bond.