It's been six months since Sumeet and Pallavi Dhawan lost their son, Arnav.

His mother is accused of his murder.

'It's hard for me, because I am still mourning my son... that is never going to go away,' said the mother, Pallavi Dhawan.

The Dhawans say they are now prisoners in their own home.

'Our life is at a standstill,' said Sumeet, the father. He just returned to work more than a month ago, but admits it's hard with the devastating charges his wife is facing.

The body of 10-year-old Arnav was found wrapped in plastic bags, packed in ice, in a bathtub in late January. The family said Arnav died naturally and that his mother was preserving her son's body.

Authorities have said that Pallavi Dhawan was asked if she had 'killed the child, and the wife nodded her head, 'Yes.''

Pallavi said she tries not to dwell on the moments surrounding her arrest. 'Why try and remember that?' she asked. 'Wouldn't my time be better spent remembering Arnav?'

After six months of legal challenges, there is now another.

Sumeet and Pallavi want to go to India to properly honor their son. It's a Hindu ritual where a family prays for a departed soul to be free.

Sumeet told News 8 it is usually the children who take part in the rituals on behalf of their parents and older ancestors. In this case, it would be for Arnav, and would normally happen within a year's time of his death.

News 8 asked Pallavi how she would feel if she doesn't get that chance to go to her home country. 'I don't even want to think about that,' she replied.

'Why would we be restricted from having this freedom of movement when we've done nothing wrong?' asked Sumeet.

Their attorney, David Finn, will be fighting in court to secure their passports. A hearing has been set for early August to discuss the matter with Collin County Judge Scott Becker.

Finn said he hopes the Frisco Police Department moves the case swiftly, and says his clients have already waited too long.

'Do you know how many times I have pleaded with the DA or a law enforcement agency to send a case to the grand jury? This is a first,' he said.

Sumeet and Pallavi Dhawan are hoping for something to happen soon, because they say the waiting is tough... but they say what's even tougher is not letting their son find peace.

'I would want to make sure that he knows if there is something left, Momma is here and Daddy is here... we will do it, and he should just go [find peace],' Pallavi said.

Frisco police told News 8 they have no timeline to finish their review of the facts.

'The case is still being investigated,' a police spokesperson said. 'The case will be turned over to the district attorney's office when the investigation is complete.'