DALLAS -- A fourth person has been arrested in connection with the beating of a man on a DART train that went viral last month.

Video of the attack was shared thousands of times on Facebook. The fight started after he asked a group of passengers to stop smoking weed. Then, he said, the fight spilled out to the platform, according to 44-year-old victim, Kennan Jones Kennan Jones

Two brothers, Remon and Jakobi Hendrix, and a juvenile female were arrested.

On Thursday a fourth suspect, Cameron Hendrix, 20, the brother of Remon and Jakobi, was taken into custody.

Hendrix is charged with assault and violating parole. His bond has been set at $3,000.

In a jailhouse interview, Cameron Hendrix told WFAA’s Sarah Hoye, Jones was berating the passengers before grabbing him by the throat, resulting in Hendrix defending himself before others joined in.

“I apologize for the fact that he had to get traumatized, like hurt, in the way that he did, as in like we had left him unconscious. I apologize for that. But I don’t apologize for the fact that he steady putting his hands on us, and steady prolonging the incident, because we didn’t try to do that, we didn’t even want to do that. We wasn’t even planning on fighting this man. This man put his hand on me first,” Cameron Hendrix said. “I want to apologize for everybody, because none of us meant it. I can you that one. Nobody meant to fight. It was just the fact that he wanted to keep on messing with us.”

He said he doesn't regret the assault since he was helping out his brother.

DART police says it is still searching for up to three additional suspects.