FORT WORTH -- Several people are under arrest after more than 41 people were found at various location in Irving and Fort Worth following a report from a man who said he was held against his will.

On Oct. 4, Irving police received a call from a man who said he had escaped after being held against his will, beaten, and bound to a chair for several days. He also told officers he had been fed only Ramen noodles.

When officers went to the location, they found close to 30 more kidnapping victims with signs of mental and physical abuse. Seven people were arrested.

Police say employees at the location "claimed that it was a rehabilitation facility for alcohol and drug dependency treatment." Victims told officers there were other similar locations in Fort Worth, including one on Brentwood Stair Road.

When Fort Worth officers went to that location to investigate, they found 11 more victims. Three people were arrested at that scene.

The victims were all Hispanic and spoke little to no English, police say. Some told police they had been sent to the facilities by family members for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Others told officers they had been kidnapped and held against their will.

Police say the "conditions inside of the facilities and the treatment of the 'patients' can only be described as medieval and barbaric. The victims were often beaten, tied to chairs, and fed one package of Ramen noodles a day."

Some patients who were "good" were given five minutes to eat rice, beans and potatoes one day a week, police say. All of the victims slept on beds made of two-by-fours.

All of the victims were fed and given lodging through Fort Worth Police Victim Assistance.

"We want to extend our gratitude to both the caseworkers in Victim Assistance and The Salvation Army for generously assisting these victims in the early morning hours after the discovery," Fort Worth police said.

Human trafficking detectives have launched an investigation.

The three Fort Worth suspects have been identified as Rodrigo Soto Gonzalez, 23, Ricardo Rodriguez Taylor, 21, and Adolfo Tello, 60. They face charges of kidnapping and aggravated kidnapping.