Brent Randall died trying to find a job.

He was shot and killed by two men on a crime spree in February while he waited for a temp agency to open its doors.

Police need your help finding his killers.

“His last words to me was, ‘They shot me,’” says the friend who asked not to be named because he fears for his safety.

Randall, a native of Austin, was living with Larry Jones, one of this other friends, when he died. He’d let it slide when the rent was late. Randall was like a brother to him.

“I’m the type of person, I don’t keep too many friends,” Jones said.. “The ones I do I have as friends, I love them like brothers.”

On that morning, the friend was driving Randall’s car. They’d parked at a strip mall on West Mockingbird Lane near Harry Hines Boulevard. The friend says he saw a car pull into the parking lot and pull up beside him. The friend noticed a silver Chevy Malibu pull into the parking lot. The car pulled alongside them.

He saw that the passenger was wearing a bandana covering the bottom half of his face.

“I knew I had to put it in gear,” says the friend. “I told Brent to get down.”

He tried to drive off. Randall didn’t hear him in time. The passenger jumped out of the Malibu and fired one gunshot into Randall’s fleeing car. The bullet hit Randall, killing the 44-year-old.

“It happened so quick,” he says. “It was like a movie. I didn’t have time to be scared.”

Moments later, those same two suspects robbed a man warming his car in front of the Anchor Inn on Harry Hines.

Surveillance video provided to WFAA shows the passenger wearing the bandanna get out of the car and then approach the driver’s side of the car.

“He had a gun pointed at him,” says Dallas Police Major Jimmy Vaughan. ”At that point, you don't ask many questions. He gave them everything he had.”

Police say the Malibu had a distinctive decal on the front fender. The first two digits of the license plate may be “EH.”

The investigation’s reached a dead end. Police are hoping for new leads that will help them find Randall’s killer.

“That was bold what he did, shot into a car like that,” Vaughan says. “It took a life. Senseless is the only way I can describe it.”

We met with Randall’s friends at the East Dallas corner where he and his friends would often gather. They’d laugh, talk, and drink a few beers.

They miss him... the little guy with a big personality.

“Whenever he walked into the room, you know he’s there because you hear him before you see him,” Jones says.

Friends held several candlelight vigils in his honor. Shane Nobles and his wife knew him well.

“We couldn’t understand why him,” Nobles says. “He was trying to better himself.”

His friends were never able to give him a formal goodbye because there was no funeral for him.

Jones has his regrets.

He and Brent had quarreled not long before he died. They hadn’t been speaking.

“I miss my friend a lot,” Jones says with a chuckle. “I miss the fact that he got on my nerves. I miss the fact that he can’t ask me for money no more.”

He’s just hoping that someone will come forward and tell police who killed his friend.

Anyone with information in Brent Randall’s death is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-TIPS.