DALLAS -- Max Gamez's year-long career as a delivery driver has come to an end. The 20-year-old is working the line during the lunch rush.

"I mean, I'm little, I'm only 5'4'', so of course, I look like an easy target," Gamez said.

On Monday night Gamez had just delivered a sandwich for Jimmy John's inside an apartment complex off Melody Lane in Northeast Dallas.

"At that point, I'm already lost, I forget where my car is," Gamez said. That's when he got jumped by a man with a knife.

"He looked like a psychopath -- he had nothing better to do than to try what I worked for," Gamez said.

Gamez made it away with a scrape on his arm and a just few cuts on his face, a testament to how lucky he really was.

"I'm no macho but enough to hold my own," he said.

Gamez is one of three delivery drivers from the same Jimmy John's to get jumped in the last six months. Franchise owner Matt Morton says the other two employees were on bikes. In June, one bike rider was knocked to the ground and in July, the second rider was beaten up and had his bike's tires slashed according to Morton.

"Well, like I said, we're not going to be able to or potentially not be able to serve a certain area, which is unfair to a lot of people who really had nothing to do with this," Morton said.

According to sources within Dallas Police, all three attacks happened in a high crime area, and that three violent attacks in sixth months aren't uncommon.

"I still have to make ends meet, I got bills," Gamez said while working.

It's a harsh reality that Gamez faced and one that may change where and when the local business chooses to deliver.