DALLAS -- Frankie Freeman taught several car thieves a new set of lessons.

Over the weekend, the eighth-grade teacher took matters into her own hands. She managed to get back the truck and SUV that had been taken from her home in the Dallas Love Field area.

“They had an opportunity and so did I and I took it,” Freeman said.

Saturday morning, Frankie and her roommate awoke to find that burglars had come in through an unlocked window. The window was left open and plants knocked to the ground.

Taking their laptops and other electronics, the thieves had cleaned them out. Their cars were gone, too.

“I was really angry that they came into my home while I was sleeping and put my things in my cars and left with my stuff,” Frankie said.

Saturday evening, Frankie decided she’d go looking for their cars. Sure enough, she found her roommate’s Toyota Tacoma just blocks from their home. Two teenagers were sitting inside it. She pulled alongside them and blocked them in.

“They must have thought that I was someone else because the kid rolled down the window,” she said.

She repeatedly yelled for them to get out of the truck.

“At that point, I was not feeling fear,” she said.

Frankie said she was acting on pure instinct. The teens tried to pull the truck out, but Frankie wouldn’t let them drive off. So the teens jumped out and ran.

Police launched the helicopter to look for them but they got away.

Frankie said the police advised her that if she saw her SUV that she shouldn’t take matters in her own hand. But fate would intervene Sunday afternoon.

“I was sent out for a latte and came home with my car,” she says.

Freeman was driving to the Starbucks when she spotted several teens in her Honda CR-V. Instinct again took over. She chased them for about 10 minutes.

“I just kept my hand on the horn and every time I would see someone I would say, ‘Call 911,’” she said.

The three teens finally gave up. They put the SUV in neutral, hopped out and ran off.

"As someone who lives month to month, pay check to pay check,” she said she couldn’t pass up the chance to get back her SUV.

To add insult to injury, both cars came back smelling of pot.

They also didn’t get any of their electronics back, including Frankie’s two work computers. The camper on her roommate’s truck is missing. The thieves also took the car hood emblems off for some reason that she can’t fathom.

She said from now on they’ll be making sure the windows are locked and the security system turned on.

Frankie said police recovered enough evidence that she’s certain police will catch them.

“They're going to be brought to justice,” she said. "Every once in a while it comes in handy to do what you need to do.”