DALLAS -- Police have arrested a man they say assaulted a pregnant woman while his nephew, who is also accused of taking part, is on the loose.

Elbert Wane Stephenson, 58, has been charged with public intoxication and sexual assault.

According to his arrest warrant, a 7-month pregnant woman was walking home along Harry Hines Boulevard Aug. 30 just after 1 a.m. when she was approached by two men.

One of them, identified as W. Hayden, asked the victim if she wanted to make some money. She told him no and kept walking.

The victim says Hayden then pulled her by her hair and took her behind Womack Warehouse at 7114 Harry Hines Boulevard, pinning her down on the ground. When she tried to escape, Hayden allegedly hit her head on the ground and with his fists.

The woman told police that Stephenson then attempted to sexually assault her, but she bit his hand and managed to run away. She found someone nearby who called 911.

Police responded to the disturbance call and found Stephenson standing in the street, intoxicated, outside Cole Manor Motel at 7002 Harry Hines. He was arrested.

Hayden managed to run away from the scene on foot. Stephenson told police that he is Hayden's uncle.

Stephenson had already been given a criminal trespass warning by the motel earlier that evening. Police also learned that he is currently on parole.