Dallas police are investigating a string of robberies targeting older Hispanic men in East Dallas.

Since July 5, there have been seven robberies in East Dallas. Most of the victims have been in their 60s and 70s. The oldest was 78.

The victims have typically been day laborers. Some of them have been pistol whipped. It’s raising concerns that someone’s targeting a vulnerable population known for often carrying cash.

In some of the robberies, there were two suspects. In others, it’s just one suspect.

Fernando Chavez, 67, says he’s a little more cautious now after being robbed at gunpoint by a man last week on North Prairie as he was leaving his friend’s house.

“He pushed me around with the pistol,” says Chavez, who spoke through a translator. “It was a 38 revolver."

Chavez says he’ll never forget the moment the suspect pointed a gun at him and his friend.

"The suspect jumped my friend first, but I wanted to help my friend because the suspect wasn't that big,” he said.

The gun, he says, was old and rusty.

"I got scared when I saw the gun,” he says. “I didn't know if it was loaded or not."

Chavez says word is spreading among the day laborers that they're being robbed.

"He took $280 dollars from me,” he said. “That was all the money I have."

He's just thankful to be alive, adding, “Money comes and goes.”