After a manhunt and a chase, Los Angeles police caught one of Dallas' most wanted fugitive.

A video shot by a witness shows 18-year-old Christopher Gonzalez as he was captured around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Police say Gonzalez and another suspect crashed their SUV into a pole after a chase. They tried to run away and hid in some bushes.

Gonzalez was eventually found by a K-9 officer who bit him.

Todd Melnick shot the arrest footage and witnessed it all. "I start hearing the suspect screaming. They called the dog off him and ordered him to crawl backwards from inside the bushes next to my fence and then to crawl backwards into my front lawn," said Melnick.

Police fired bean bags from a shotgun but did not fire their weapons.

"I thought there was going to be a shooting in my front lawn. Honest to God, it was really dramatic,” said Melnick.

Dallas police say they contacted the Los Angeles Police Department after Gonzalez streamed live video from his Instagram showing a shotgun and other weapons.

Dallas police were able to provide GPS coordinates from the Instagram video, which helped LAPD locate the suspect.

Police found a weapon at the scene.

Gonzalez, known on the streets as "Little Chris," was wanted in the murder of 54-year-old Horace Davis who was shot and killed in his car in July.

Police say they found evidence at the scene linking Gonzalez to the murder. He was also wanted for aggravated robbery and engaging in organized crime.

Gonzalez was out on bond when he took off for California.