UPDATE: On Feb. 13, 2018, this charge against Zakari Hart was dismissed by Dallas County. Our previous story below was published in October 2016.

Zakari Hart, who goes to Pinkston High School in Dallas ISD, has spent seven days in the Dallas County Jail on $100,000 bond over a threat posted on social media.

“Which I would say it is pretty unreasonable for his family and pretty oppressive in nature,” his attorney, Thomas Wynne, said.

He's a member of the varsity basketball team, but is now charged as an adult with felony terroristic threats.

He posted the message on Instagram. It's a threat that bombs would go off in three schools.

A threat made on an Instagram account called nationalclowners

Hart’s attorney said Hart didn't mean to threaten anyone he simply reposted something he saw from a Instagram account named National Clowners.

“I don't think he was looking to cause a disruption as far as violence,” Wynne said. “It was more of, 'Hey, this is what is going on at our school,' and social media is how people talk to each other about it."

Thomas Wynne, Zakari Hart's attorney

In an arrest affidavit, Hart told police “...he created the Instagram account for fun. He went on to explain that he did not create the post in question."

Dallas ISD police took the threat so seriously they asked Dallas PD's high tech fusion center to track down the Instagram account, which led them back to Hart.

"Any incident we are going to take enforcement on in our district is going to be more than someone just passing on or discriminating or passing on a screen shot,” Chief Craig Miller said.

And the district said the threat came during the nationwide hysteria about threatening clowns being spotted at schools, which caused fear.

"It's a very fine line,” Chief Miller said. “We do not want to criminalize these students that is not our intent at all we have a responsibility to the parents or to the hundreds of students who missed school last week."

Hart's supporters say he's a kid who made a dumb mistake.

DISD says it's a lot more serious than that and will continue to arrest kids who post or make threats.