An inmate at the Collin County Jail and a female friend have both been sentenced to more than four years in prison over a greeting card soaked with methamphetamine last year.

According to court documents, Amanda Lynn Mollison is accused of sending the drug-soaked card to Justin Chadwick Brown when he was in jail last October.

Brown was heard on a recorded phone call telling Mollison “to work on his card tonight” because he “want[ed] to get high.” In a separate call days later, he asked her if she mailed the card and she said yes.

Sheriff's office employees confiscated the letter on Oct. 11, 2016.

Each received a 51-month sentence on Monday.

Mollison, 29, was charged with providing contraband in prison. Brown, 39, was charged with possession of contraband in prison. Both pleaded guilty earlier this year.

Texas prison records show Brown also in October was sentenced in Collin County to nine months for theft and seven years for evading arrest, according to the Associated Press.