FORT WORTH -- Police broke up a cockfighting event Sunday in the backyard of home, arresting three men and confiscating 141 dead and live birds, authorities said Tuesday.

Authorities found 16 roosters dead at the scene.

Five other men were issued citations for being a spectator at a cockfight, a Class C misdemeanor. Police identified the arrested men as Andres Hernandez, 65; Melecio Diaz, 33; and Jorge Orozco-Carmona, 25.

Of the birds taken from the property, about 90 roosters were euthanized, a city official said.

“All 90 fighting roosters were humanely euthanized upon arrival to spare them anymore suffering,” city spokeswoman Diane Covey said in a Tuesday email. “Most were still wearing gaffs (spurs used in cockfighting), they were bleeding from wounds, and/or near death.”

Covey noted that officials with the Fort Worth Animal Shelter respond to about 10 cockfighting complaints a year but only about one in 10 is actual cockfighting.

The remaining birds are being placed with area rescue groups, Covey said. Twelve hens and 12 chicks are in the care of the Humane Society of North Texas, executive director Sandy Shelby said in a email.

Patrol officers responded to the animal call shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday at 4308 Windowmere Street. When they arrived, officers heard roosters in the backyard of the residence.

Officers looked through a fence and saw a large group of people, several chicken coops, a fighting ring and several dead roosters.

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