Editor’s Note: WFAA interviewed new Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall last month in Detroit before she assumed command of the 3,000-member police department. Hall served for 18 years on the Detroit Police Department.

In U. Renee Hall, Dallas is getting a different kind of police chief.

She’s a chief who says she’s quite willing to write a citation, make an arrest, and book someone into jail.

“That's one of the things the guys love about me, is I pull over people in a heartbeat,” she says as she drove around the streets of Detroit. “You can expect to see me in the back seat of a squad car, making runs or making runs from wherever I am because I listen to the radio.”

Hall cannot currently act as police officer in Texas until she takes the state’s licensing exam. She says she expects to take the test in the coming weeks.

“I’ve always said Chief Hall leads by example,” says retired Detroit Police Sergeant Daran Carey.

Carey was Hall’s first supervisor.

“Officers in Dallas when they get a run or a call to a scene, Chief Hall is going to be there with them,” he says. “She's not going to sit back and watch them. She's going to be kicking doors. She's going to be doing whatever officers do."

Hall still sees herself as just a cop. Since arriving in Dallas, there have been reports that she’s stopped to offer to help an officer working a traffic accident.

“I don't care what level of the organization. I am still a cop,” she says. “I am still responsible for the rules and regulations of the city, ordinances being followed, and all of that. I just think that if we get away from that, then we've lost touch.”

Chief Hall says she expects her commanders to follow her lead.

“We're going to be moving in the direction of our officers to ensure that they have what they need and who they need in the proper seats,” Hall said. “That's where we’re going and that's my expectation.”