CEDAR HILL, Texas -- A man has been arrested after police say he shot his three next-door neighbors, killing one and leaving the other two in critical condition.

Danny Silvers, 68, was arrested after the shooting in the 300 block of Halifax Court. He's been charged with one count of murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He's currently being held in the DeSoto jail.

Police found the three victims shot at about 8 p.m. Monday. A female victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two were taken to the hospital.

Silvers was arrested at the scene and the weapon was recovered.

Anthony Rosas left flowers at the crime scene.

"I like to pay my respects,” said Rosas.

Neighbors say Silvers had been arguing with his next-door neighbors.

"He was just saying it was going to escalate. He basically said the news was going to be outside,” said Tyra Gray, who talked to him before the shootings.

A neighbor shared a Facebook post with WFAA after the shooting. It appears that one of the victims reached out to the suspect's wife, concerned about threats he made over water on the driveway. The post was less than 24 hours old.

Cedar Hill police confirm they were called to the house and determined the suspect was upset about one of his neighbors spraying water on his vehicle.

Two hours after officers left the house, they say Silvers shot and killed 60-year-old Jeri Lee Edwards and shot two other people.

”It was just chaos and ambulances and police were everywhere,” said Gray.

Police say Silvers had called them in the past about dog and vehicle complaints in the neighborhood. Neighbors say he would watch them with binoculars and would confront them.

”If something he didn’t like happened, he would address it and he came off as rude,” said Gray.

WFAA has learned Silvers had at least two DWIs and was arrested in the past for deadly conduct.

Sources say police removed several weapons from his home.