FORT WORTH -- Police say a carjacking and chase suspect caused a crash and was shot before being apprehended by Fort Worth officers Thursday morning.

Just after 7 a.m. officers were alerted to 3950 East Lancaster, where they were told a man stole a black Chevy Tahoe by a woman at gunpoint. Two small children were in the SUV, but police say they managed to get out of the vehicle before the suspect took off in it.

Police found the suspect about 10 to 15 minutes later heading west on Lancaster and began to chase him. The suspect ended up crashing into two parked vehicles at 800 Macon Street.

When he got out of the vehicle, he ran south and was arrested about two blocks away.

Police say the suspect had been shot in the arm and abdomen when they got to him. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital.

Police say a witness to the carjacking shot the suspect. It's not clear whether that person has been identified or arrested.