ARLINGTON -- A 14-year-old Arlington boy arrested this month as his mother shot cellphone video matched the “exact” description given to police by a witness to an attempted car burglary, according to a search warrant affidavit released by police Monday.

Randall Moore, the attorney for Chad Haning, the officer who made the arrest, said Monday that Haning also had the witness identify the teen at the scene before he was handcuffed.

The 14-year-old, who is not being identified because he is a juvenile, was accused of breaking into a car at the Addison Park Apartments and trying to steal the radio, the affidavit said. His mother, Latasha Nelson, recorded video of his arrest as well as the arrest of her 16-year-old son, who was accused of interfering with the investigation.

The family believes the actions of that Arlington police officer in the less than 4-minute video were excessive and a violation of policy.

She has said police pressured her to give up the video, indicating they would drop charges against her son if she did.

Nelson’s attorney, Kim Cole, and activist Dominique Alexander, president of the Next Generation Action Network, have called for Haning to be punished and for the charges to be dropped. They have also sought for police to return Nelson’s cellphone, which was seized for evidence.

About 30 protesters met Monday evening outside Arlington City Hall, demanding that Haning be disciplined.

“We will not stop” protesting, Alexander said. “We will go to Chief Will Johnson’s doorstep if we have to.”

Alexander accused Haning of racial profiling.

“He found the first black child and stopped that child,” Alexander said.

Nelson spoke briefly, insisting on her son’s innocence. She said she had sent her 14-year-old son to go check if the pool at the apartment was open. She then went to the bank.

When she returned, she said, police were arresting her son.

“Something has to be done,” Nelson said. “Officers cannot get away with doing this to our kids. It’s horrible.”

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