Carmel Foster was released from prison in July.

She spent five-and-a-half years behind bars for illegally injecting women with gel to enhance their breasts.

"It doesn't seem harmful," Foster said. "It didn't seem harmful at the time, but now I know the consequences a person can suffer behind it."

One of the women she did the procedure on at her hair salon in Tyler had an allergic reaction that placed her on a ventilator. She nearly died.

Foster says she and some of her friends ordered gel online and were injecting each other.

"Women are participating in this behind the scenes and are not seeking medical professionals, just seeking someone who's trying to get them the look," she said.

In Dallas, a woman died several years ago after an illegal butt injection.

Foster said thousands of women go to backroom places or have parties where they inject themselves with solutions.

“You are just thinking what are you going to look like in these jeans and in this bra and the fact that it's instant," she said.

Many women have no idea what's being injected into their bodies.

Foster said she knows what she did was wrong but says women who decide to do it are also to blame.

"Everybody knows that no one is a doctor," she said. "No one is pretending to be a doctor. No one is portraying themselves or trying to convince you they are a medical professional."

Foster says she had both breast and butt injections and now regrets it.

She says she wants to warn women the desire to look voluptuous and sexy could be dangerous and deadly.