Strangers confronted children in Hurst and Bedford neighborhoods just days after a man tried to abduct a boy standing next to his father in Haltom City, police said Monday.

In the three incidents, a suspect was in a red vehicle, but detectives said they don't believe the cases are related.

"The vehicles are the same color, but they are different," Bedford police Lt. Kirk Roberts said Monday in a telephone interview. "The suspects in Haltom City and Hurst are younger and the suspect here is older."

Still, area detectives are exchanging information.

The most recent incident was about 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the 300 block of Eagle Court in Bedford.

Three pre-teen girls were playing in a driveway when an older man in a red sport utility vehicle stopped in front of the residence and asked the girls "Do you want to pet my dog?"

The man drove off, but returned a short time later and again stopped.

"The mother of one of the girls stepped out of the home, the man saw her and drove off," Roberts said.

In Hurst, parents of West Hurst Elementary students received letters Friday informing them about an incident Thursday afternoon near the school.

At about 3:30 p.m. Thursday, school officials were notified that a man in a red Chevrolet pickup was stopping females and asking them to expose themselves.

The school letter advised parents to talk to children about safety, how to get help from a trusted adult and what to do if they feel threatened or frightened.

The series of strangers confronting children in northeast Tarrant County began on the evening of Nov. 28 in Haltom City, when an unknown man tried to take a 2-year-old boy as he stood by his father on Janrue Court.

Hector Alvarez told the Star-Telegram he had been taking out the trash and his son had come with him. At some point, Alvarez had grabbed his son's hand and was headed back inside his home when a stranger came out of nowhere.

"I never saw him coming," Alvarez said.

Alvarez saw his neighbor and yelled for someone to call police as the suspect tried to pull the child away. The suspect did not say a word. He released Alvarez's son and fled.

Alvarez took his son inside his home, and by the time he came back out, the suspect was gone.

Earlier in the day, neighbors reported seeing a red, early 2000s model Dodge pickup driving slowly through the Janrue Court neighborhood.

Anyone with information on any of the cases should call police.

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