Campaign season is taking a nasty turn in one Oak Cliff neighborhood.

Some neighbors in the Glen Oaks community are upset after they found large campaign signs had been vandalized.

The signs were promoting District 4 City Council candidate Dwaine Caraway.

One upset neighbor took a photo of one of the displays that was defaced. On the board reads the racial slur, “COON” spray painted above the candidate’s head.

Bruce Carter, a spokesperson for the Caraway campaign called the vandalism upsetting.

He said 90 percent of the signs in the Glen Oaks addition near Polk and in the Lancaster Road corridor have been defaced or removed.

“This is taking local politics to another level,” Carter said. “This puts a black eye on a city that is trying to come together.”

Campaign workers say children traveling to school have to witness the vandalism. Some neighbors say the crime and destruction will not be tolerated in their community.

The Caraway campaign estimates about $5,000 in damage as a result of the vandalism.