FRISCO – Buying a car isn’t what it used to be.

Take Carvana, the online used car dealership that launched in 2013. Customers in the metroplex pick their car out online, and can pick it up at the brand-new car vending machine that opened Thursday in Frisco.

“At Carava we wanted to make car buying fun again,” said Ryan Keeton, co-founder and brand manager at Carvana. “One of the coolest parts is just seeing people come in here, you know, with their families and their friends. It’s an event.”

Carvana has five car vending machines in the U.S., with four of them in Texas. When you arrive at the sleek, space aged pickup center, you get an oversized commemorative coin, select your name from the kiosk, put the coin in, and the machine comes to life. 

Inside the tower for the Carvana vending machine, which is 8 stories tall and can hold 30 vehicles, the gears crank and a lift plate selects the car your purchased. Customers have seven days to try it out.

So how do traditional car dealers feel about this new business model?

“I think the Carvana tower of cars is very clever and it really makes a great presence,” said Ray Huffines, a third-generation car dealership owner in Plano. “People still like to deal with people, and actually touch and drive a car. If someone really wants to buy their car out of a vending machine, they can do that.”  

Whether you purchase your new ride from a dealership or a vending machine, just don’t forget to read the fine print.