A brand new gas station in Oak Cliff is already at the center of a lot of unwanted attention: It's only been open a week, and it's being accused of selling bad gasoline.

A social media warning was being shared across Facebook on Tuesday, alleging that gasoline being sold at the new Chevron station at the corner of Lancaster and Saner had water in it and damage customers' vehicles.

"It is totally a scam," said Ajitpal Toor, the gas station's owner and manager.

Toor said there is no truth to the Facebook warning. He said the social media post is hurting business.

The warning has been shared numerous times. Even State Senator Royce West issued a Facebook post inquiring about the fuel-quality claims.

"That's not possible, at all,” Toor explained. “Before we had opened up, all tests had been done."

The family-owned gas station said it is meeting all regulations. Workers said fuel levels are monitored for the presence of water.

Toor said a woman came by demanding money a few days ago. He said she insisted her car was damaged from gas she pumped at the location.

"The same day we had tested with her in front of the technician,” Toor explained. “So there is no water."

Workers said there have no additional complaints about fuel quality since it opened.

The Texas Department of Agriculture said it received a formal complaint about fuel quality at the Lancaster Road location on Jan. 25. However, staff said it has received numerous fuel-quality complaints from the greater Dallas area so far this year.

Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said investigations into fuel quality could take up to two weeks. Miller said a bill recently passed by lawmakers, HB2174, now requires more steps in the fuel testing process.

"After 15 days they get the sample back, they are supposed to send us a copy of the results," Miller said. "If it's bad fuel, we can then do a stop-sale and shut them down. Problem is, after 14-15 days, they've filled up everybody's fuel tank with bad fuel."

Toor said his family operates 15 gas stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They have been in business for 15 years.

The Texas Agriculture Commissioner urged consumers across the state to keep receipts, no matter where you are filling your gas tanks.