The Collin County Sheriff's Department and Homeland Security have both put out alerts on Friday evening urging drivers to be vigilant.

This after six instances in a two month span of someone likely firing pellets at drivers along major roads through small Collin County cities.

"It is absolutely scary," said Jim Olk, Mayor of Lucas.

The Sheriff's Department says four of the cases happened in Lucas and two in Fairview. A spokesman says the shootings are happening late in the evening between 7p.m. and 11p.m.

"[People] getting door windows shot out and car windows shot out as people pass by," Olk said.

So far no one has been hurt. But it hasn't stopped some of the victims from sharing photos of dents to their vehicles and car windows shot out. The Sheriff's Department believe the shots may be coming from a dark SUV.

Jim is hoping to bring this up to the city council and hopes there is a larger conversation with mayors of other neighboring "country" towns dealing with the same issues. One thing Olk hopes to address is adjusting the time the deputy patrols the area.

"We'll probably have him do a little more in that late evening and nighttime," he said.

So far nobody has been hurt but the mayor and sheriff's department fear it is only a matter of time if this keeps happening.