Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Vanessa Harrison showed WFAA new images from a jaw-dropping case they're investigating.

"This is a photo of the trunk of the vehicle during the traffic stop," she said, showing how jam-packed the trunk was. "These backpacks are full of mail, stolen mail."

Over the weekend, near Skylark and 360, Arlington Police say they pulled a car over, and what they found inside will have them working for quite some time.

"They had laptops, they had cell phones, burglary tools, social security cards, all types of identification," she said, not to mention copper wiring, computer parts and more than 50 credit cards. But for police, what really piqued their interest was the discovery of people's medical records inside the car.

"Medical records fetch a much higher price on illegal market sites than credit card information," said TCU Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Michael Bachmann, in an interview in February. It was then that News 8 highlighted the risk in a special report.

Bachmann said medical records can be up to 50 times more profitable than credit cards.

Police now have their hands full, as they try to find the dozens of victims in this case. They're also working with the postal service in the investigation. Two people have been arrested.

"Are they part of an organized ring, or were they just crime opportunists? That's what were still trying to sort out," Harrison said.

Police ask you to contact them if you believe you're a victim. They also urge people to take stock of the identity and credit cards they have; often, people have cards in their wallets they don't use, so it can take a while for them to realize they've gone missing.