ARLINGTON - Police are working an officer-involved shooting after a domestic disturbance call and carjacking that started at an apartment complex in West Arlington Saturday afternoon. No officers were injured and the suspect is deceased.

It all began when Arlington police arrived at a domestic disturbance call at The Commons Apartments around 4:14 pm. A third-party had contacted 9-1-1 and reported that a man had pulled a knife and gun on his friend and provided officers with the address of the apartment where the incident was happening. As officers arrived, they helped the suspect's mother and brother exit the apartment and determined that the domestic disturbance was between the two brothers.

Officers were in the process of trying to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the suspect when they saw him putting on body armor and pointing a handgun at officers outside the apartment. Officers backed out of the doorway and set up a perimeter as they continued to try to talk to the suspect.

Around 5:00 pm officers heard a loud noise when the suspect forced his way into the vacant next-door apartment. He was then able to escape to the parking lot where he proceeded to carjack a motorist at gunpoint. The suspect then drove northbound on Park Springs Blvd. while officers pursued him. He eventually lost control of the car, possibly after striking an object or curb.

Still wearing body armor and carrying a handgun, the suspect then got out of the car and proceeded into the neighborhood on foot, walking near private residences and knocking on a door. At one point, the suspect came out from between two houses, where he was confronted by an officer. The officer discharged his weapon and struck the suspect.

Life-saving measures were attempted, but the suspect was pronounced deceased on the scene. Arlington Police say the deceased suspect is an unnamed 22-year-old white male, whom officers may already be familiar with.

"This could have really turned into a very much more serious matter if he gained entry into a residence that had occupants inside," said Lt. Christopher Cook with Arlington Police.

"It's unfortunate that the suspect made this decision but the suspect forced our hand in this encounter," said Cook.

"All I saw was the gun. He pointed the gun at me and he told me to get out of the car. But I seen [sic] it in his eyes, he was serious," said the victim of the carjacking who did not want to be identified.

Police say the investigation could last well into Saturday night as detective finish up interviews with many witnesses. Police say there were witnesses to talk with at both crime scenes.