Saturday's return to Fort Worth was a homecoming Congressman Roger Williams will never forget.

"I'm so happy to be back in Texas and grateful to be around family and my friends," Williams said.

Williams was at the baseball diamond in Alexandria Virginia when a gunman opened fire. Police believe he was targeting Republican lawmakers.

"I think this was a man with a lot of issues," Williams said.

Williams hurt his foot and ankle running for cover. His staffer Zach Barth was shot in the leg and is recovering with family.

"He ran and jumped into the dugout. I caught him and we held each other," Williams said.

Williams represents Texas' 25th district and says he will return to Washington Tuesday with a renewed mission to change the way politicians and the public talk about people with opposing views.

"I've already had some good conversations with my Democratic colleagues. We can't be fueled by anger we need to be fueled by patriotism," Williams said.

Williams used his platform Saturday to praise the courageous work of the police officers on the scene who ultimately shot and killed the gunman.

"They would not give up or back down. Things could have ended very differently if they weren't there," Williams said.

Williams says the outpouring of support from people on all sides of the political spectrum has been truly helpful and encouraging. He says he looks forward to returning to work, but for now, is healing in at home in Texas.