More than 300 young immigrants attended a DACA renewal workshop at Richland College in Dallas on Saturday. The workshop was hosted by the North Texas Dream Team, a non-profit organization led by youth.

Luis Soto attended the workshop to renew his DACA application. He was born in Mexico and raised in Dallas. Soto said he's worried that the life he has always known could be gone any day, right before he begins his first year of college.

"I need my worker's permit to work and social security to get possible financial aid for college," said Soto. "I can't do anything without it basically."

Emma Chalott, a North Texas Dream organizer, said the team is working around the clock to assist young immigrants with their DACA renewal application.

"People's livelihood and their communities will suffer if they were to lose that protection and the ability to work," Challot said. "A federal judge ordered that the application process be reopened for renewals and we really are kind of uncertain as to when that could end."

In the meantime, Nubia Torres an immigration legal services associate director, said she is waiting on lawmakers to make a deal on DACA as deadline approaches on February 8.

"We are really hoping for some kind of relief that is able to keep families together and to be able to help the dreamers go to a path of citizenship," Torres said. "We want families to be able to stay together."