Signs at a polling place are for the undecided. It is a last ditch effort to gain a vote. If signs aren't enough there are campaigners crowding around the polling place vouching for their candidate.

"I have not heard it at the level, at the intense level, that we're hearing about it at this election period," said Bruce Glasscock, Plano City Manager.

Glasscock is talking about the complaints coming in from aggressive campaigning in the city of Plano.

"Yelling and going out to people's car...I don't know if that's appropriate," said Ann Grannan.

Grannan just recently voted with a friend. She says campaigners are going to great lengths to get attention.

"She was yelling very loud," Grannan recalled what she heard from campaigners at her location.

There were all kinds of complaints to the city and county. But the most egregious was a woman who apparently couldn't get out of her car because people were crowding her car.

"Most of what we heard is blocking access, stepping in front of them, trying to give them information, harassing, and rushing cars as they're pulling into parking spots," she said.

It got so bad the county reached out to the city of Plano. Bruce first sent out an email to candidates on Wednesday. The complaint calls and emails continued and another email to candidates went out Friday.

"I've asked them again to please talk to their campaign volunteers to conduct themselves in a professional way," Glasscock said.

No one campaign has been identified as engaging in aggressive campaigns. Glasscock said the emails were sent to all candidates for all Plano races.

The city has reminded people to call police if they were harassed or assaulted.

"It's a little intimidating. I can see where some people might be afraid to vote if they thing they're going to be harassed," said Grannan.

The county has sent out poll workers to monitor campaigners at locations where the complaints came from.