COLLEGE STATION, Texas- This weekend Texas A&M's MSC CAMAC is hosting their 29th annual Student Conference on Latino Affairs.

The student run conference took nearly 10 months to plan and conference Director Rogelio Tinajero says they hope to provide a platform to talk about the issues affecting the Latino community.

"This year's theme is ¡Con Ganas! Building a Legacy. So we are really harping on what motivates you. What are your ganas, which is a Spanish word that means motivation. What are your ganas, and what are you going to do with that to build your legacy," said Rogelio.

Tonight's event featured an all-female panel put together by Graciela Tiscanero-Sato who spoke at last year's SCOLA conference, and her goal this year, to create female business leaders.

"This year I had the honor of putting together this panel, and focus on social entrepreneurship and to really provide role models that have done the hard stuff," said Graciela.

The all-female panel included A&M graduate Roxanne Longoria who attended the event when she was a student, and now owns her own diversity consulting firm called U Revolution.

"To really speak on my own experience of growing as an adult and growing as a women business owner, and to share that knowledge with young women of color both Latino and black who are interested in creating their own version of success and what that looks like to them," said Roxanne.

The three-day conference will feature speakers from around the nation, round table discussions and various workshops that will challenge and motivates attendees to build their legacy.