With winnings at $700 million, the cash out would leave you with $433 million.

More money doesn’t have to mean more problems. In fact, there’s a number of unique, one-of-a-kind finds you could have. Just head to Heritage Auctions where there’s something for everyone.

“We have any number of treasures that you can spend your new found millions on,” said spokesman Eric Bradley, holding Bob Dylan’s, owned and stage played, 1963 Martin guitar. “This guitar has an opening bid at $300,000, and it’s expected to sell for $600,000 and up.”

But wait, there’s more. You can have an Hermès handbag with starting bid of $100,000. (David Beckham bought his wife the most expensive Hermès Birkin handbag ever sold that went for or $379,261 at auction.)

And of course, there’s jewelry.

“This is a fancy blue diamond,” said Jill Burgum, senior director of fine jewelry for Heritage Auction. “It weighs 3.23 karats and it has a pre-auction estimate of $900,000 to 1.2-million.”

There’s also a 1961 Mickey Mantle World Series baseball hat estimated to sell for $150,000.

Into politics? Grab President Ulysses Grant’s 1868 campaign flag starting at $25,000.

Flags have been going for really high prices lately, said Don Ackerman, cataloger of historical Americana at Heritage.

Since you’ll need a new home for all your stuff, try looking in the Preston Hollow neighborhood, where this iconic 4 bedroom, 6.5 bath estate could be yours.

“If you’re lucky enough to win tonight’s Powerball, then you’ll want this fabulous house,” said real estate agent Erin Mathews. “It’s a little over 9,000 square feet and you’re on 9 acres in the heart of Dallas, Texas. All of this can be yours for just $24.5- million of your Powerball winnings.”

Since you know what to get, now all you need is a little luck.