Let me help settle the deal debate when it comes to the question of new vs. refurbished.

In the decade that I’ve been hunting down savings, I want to caution you that daily deal websites are generally a terrible place to buy a refurbished item. They offer weak warranties and have no invested interest in the product. They're just trying to get it off their hands.

Refurbished products sold from manufacturers like Apple, Dyson, Shark and Vitamix sport new warranties, parts, exteriors and the same great customer service. Outside of the those brands, there is a group of 10 items that I would completely avoid.

Here are 10 things I would never buy used or refurbished:

• Couches (they are rarely properly cleaned and you have no idea what happened on them)

• Cell phones (how many times have you dropped your cell phone?)

• Tires (used cars are great from reliable sources, but specifically seeking out used tires is not a safe move)

• Vacuums (generally one of the most heavily used and expensive to repair items -- although there are some exceptions and Dyson / Shark re-certified items are fantastic)

• Mattresses (I don't think this warrants an explanation)

• Bathing suits (despite prices at thrift stores, this is a definite "no" in my book)

• Cribs (many have been recalled and the germ factor is a serious deterrent)

• Bike helmets (anything that can save your life is something to avoid buying used)

• Kids' games and plastic toys

• Any major electronic piece without an extended warranty or that's not directly from a manufacturer or authorized reseller.

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