FORT WORTH -- As state lawmakers in Austin debate measures that could kill plans for high-speed trains between downtown Dallas and Houston, the Fort Worth City Council is moving forward with plans to create a rail link to Dallas.

Fort Worth and Dallas are in the process of preparing for a 30- to 40-mile high-speed rail line between the two cities called the DFW Core Express.

A $15 million environmental impact study of the possible route is expected to be completed in 2018.

On Tuesday, the Fort Worth City Council considered creating a local government corporation with Dallas, an entity that would govern inter-city passenger rail service. Discussions are also focusing on including a stop in Arlington and adding that city to the corporation.

The Dallas City Council is expected to approve the local government corporation by the end of May, said Jay Chapa, Fort Worth assistant city manager.

Establishing the local government corporation is being done now so the city is prepared whenever the rail line can proceed, he said. The local government corporation would own and manage the rail line, Chapa said.

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