FORT WORTH — Two dozen days of 100-degree heat makes you want just one thing: Ice cream.

"I lived in the neighborhood, and every summer my husband and I would just talk about wanting to walk to an ice cream shop," Kari Seher said.

But in this part of Fort Worth, the near south side, there was no such option to satisfy those summertime cravings — until now.

Seher, 30, is Fort Worth's newest "dairy queen." She told News 8 she quit her job as a photographer and followed her heart (and her hunger) when she recently opened Melt at 954 West Rosedale Street, less than one mile west of Interstate 35W.

From her very first batch of ice cream, she's taken the word "local" in "local business" literally.

"We used Hill Country lavender, and we used the Texas Honey Bee Guild honey," Seher said, describing one of their first flavors.

Avoca Coffee, just down the road from Melt, is another example. Their beans have a lead role in Seher's "Café Caramel" flavor.

ID=14656461"I think that's part of what makes this area of Fort Worth very nice," said Avoca owner Jimmy Story. "We all have a synergy; we all help each other out."

Seher uses pie crust from local baker Stir Crazy Baked Goods, local fruit, and — coming up next month — bacon marmalade from local pizza hotspot Cane Rosso.

"We love using their products, because we know the passion behind what they create, and we have that same passion for our ice cream," Seher said.

She said she attempts to put at least one organic or local ingredient into every flavor on Melt's menu.

"I love that," said customer Johanna Moretti. "I think that's wonderful, and I support places that do that."

"But mainly I like it because it tastes good," laughed her husband, Peter Moretti of Fort Worth.