BRIDGEPORT The push is on in a Wise County town with a population of only 6,000 to do away with some regulations regarding food trucks.

Ryder Holley sets up his food truck (which is actually more of a food trailer) every day off Halsell Street in Bridgeport, 40 miles northwest of Fort Worth. For the past few years, he said he has had to move the truck for his Five Boys Ranch caterers every three hours because of a local ordinance.

Fortunately, he owns a neighboring property.

'I'll start out here, then move it over there, then finish my last three there, then move it back over here,' he said.

But Holley thinks the law is overreaching, and recently made a push for the City Council to let him stay fixed in one place.

Carl Smith operates a food trailer just outside the Bridgeport city limits off Highway 380. He elected to start serving customers there when he started the Bull of the Woods BBQ business earlier this year so he didn't have to pack up every three hours.

'The Health Department lady told me, 'You just need to look on a map and find the county [line],'' Smith said. 'We like it, a lot of truck traffic [...] but, yeah, I would like to go in town, too.'

The City Council discussed the issue on Tuesday night and is expected to soon pass an official amendment to the existing ordinance which would do away with the time limit.