DALLAS -- If you have a house full of ghouls and goblins who can't wait for Halloween, the most frightening thing for parents may be our forecast.

"We’re super excited for Halloween," said Erin Johnson, who lives in Lakewood and started preparing her kids on Monday that the night they'd been living for may be rained out. It didn't go over well with her 6-year-old.

"He told me he was really worried that it would mean he couldn’t go," she said.

Keeping kids inside on Halloween creates true terror for many parents. So Johnston created her own Plan B.

"We thought about it a little bit and I called some of my girlfriends and asked 'What do you think about asking our neighbors if we could just come a little earlier?'" Johnston said.

She called those who live nearby and stay at home or work from home to see if they’d be ready with candy between 3:30 and 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. The goal is to beat the evening rain. Johnston even thought up a signal. A single pumpkin at the end of the walkway as a welcome to the early crowd.

"They said 'Sure, we want them to have a good time… let’s do it!'" Johnston said.

More than a dozen people on her street said yes, and it's spreading. Katy Pritchard lives a block over and dreaded the weather ruining her kids’ night.

"I was so scared to tell them! I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I was so relieved she had such a fun and creative idea," said Pritchard.

Instead, the kids will get an early crack at the candy. And who’s not happy about that?

"It’s only a couple of years that you get to go trick-or-treating and really enjoy that, so we wanted to give them a chance," Johnston said.