It’s not uncommon to hear newlyweds say they’ll remember their wedding forever. But when Paul Wilson III and his bride Emily say it, you can’t help but believe them.

“It’s something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life,” Emily said.

“Yeah, it was perfect. It really was,” Paul said.

The day was memorable not because of anything that happened or something that was said, but because of where it was: a cemetery.

“My big thing was I wanted to have my dad there,” Paul said.

Paul Wilson II was killed in a car crash when his son was just four. He was one of the most respected doctors in North Texas. Although he’s been gone for five decades, you can tell by the pictures on his son’s wall that he’s still loved.

Paul says he goes to the cemetery regularly to talk to his dad about the moments he’s missed.

“The cemetery is my doorbell to heaven,” he said.

Whether it was baptism, graduation or the birth of his children, Paul went to the cemetery and talked to his dad about every one.

“He’s literally my best friend,” he said.

So when it came time to marry the love of his life, Paul figured why wait to tell his dad when he could show him.

Two weeks ago, Paul and Emily stood at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney and read their vows.

“It seemingly should be sad, but it was so happy,” Paul said. “My dad was right next to me when we got married. I’ve got goosebumps talking about that because it was that special.”

Paul says having his wedding at a cemetery isn’t about mourning. It's more about loving someone when not even death will do you part.