Money doesn’t buy happiness, but enough of it can buy this house and a few smiles.

In Richmond, which is about 30 miles southwest of Houston, a house is listed for sale for just $1,275,000.

The home sits on a sprawling two-acre lot with five bedrooms, five full baths and one half bath. So far sounds like your standard listings.

What it doesn’t say is what says so much.

Each room including the ceilings, yes the ceilings, are jam-packed with what looks to be some serious flea market finds. The realtor, oh the poor realtor, lists in detail all the features of the home avoiding the obvious like some sort of realtor ninja.

I’d like to go into detail about how crazy and gaudy the decor is in some of the rooms but some things I really like or might actually have in my own home. It’s just that this particular homeowner definitely scoffs at the less is more theory.

The entry boasts multiple framed art pieces, adorned with what I remember one movie coined as “flair.”

But wait, there’s more.

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