Patricia Edge thought it would be the end of a long family tradition. She has attended the State Fair of Texas for 50 straight years. But when she was diagnosed in January with breast cancer, she definitely thought it would derail her shot at continuing the streak.

"My doctor just looked at me and said, ‘It's cancer.’ I just looked at her and said 'I pretty much knew that,'" Edge said.

Patricia, who is 72 years old, spent five long weeks at a rehab facility in Wylie. It was there she met and worked with the physical therapists charged with helping her recover. Edge told News 8 she endured 10 chemo treatments that were very "hard."

Later in August, doctors told her that her colon was leaking.

"There have been some times that I have just laid there and cried," she said, motioning to her bed.

Patricia Edge

She could not walk and could not do many of the exercises that she can today. Physical Therapist Cathy Darnell says Pat was fueled by her family tradition to get better.

"That's been something near and dear to her heart more for over 50 years," said Darnell.

Late last week, doctors had cleared Patricia Edge and said she was allowed to go home. For her, it was a relief considering it was just in time for the State Fair.

Edge told News 8 she knows she's been there 50 straight years because it's her daughter's age.

"They told me they started bringing me when I was 6 months old," said Kim Weishaupt, her daughter.

Edge was so excited to be at the Fair on Thursday that she asked that she be taken straight there from the rehab facility. So that is what she did. She rode a scooter through the crowds of thousands of people. She toured the buildings, ate corny dogs, like she always does.

The cancer is nearly gone and she is slowly getting back to herself. Her daughter says this year has been tough on her mother. She is excited to be here to enjoy this moment with her mom.

"I'm gonna keep comin’ as long as I can..until I have to ride [a scooter]," Weishaupt said, laughing.